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I'm Wendy Grace, and I began making jewelry in 2013, after seeing a stunning ring on a friend of mine's finger. I immediately signed up for the metal-smith class she was taking and have been hooked ever since. Pre-Pandemic I made jewelry just for myself and friends and family. I took a break during COVID, but started back about a year ago, fully obsessed! I am an Atlanta native, but currently live in Athens, GA (Go Dawgs) to be close to my aging parents. I am grateful I can focus full-time on my passion while being available for my mom and dad.  Being a part of the incredible history of jewelry is so rewarding.

My inventory is constantly changing, as each item is hand-made, and no two pieces are exactly the same. I focus on modern mixed metals. I love putting silver and gold together, creating everyday wearable pieces. Also-Cocktail Rings are my Thing!

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